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Bintang Mas Jaya Abadi

Rubber Sparepart

We produce various kinds of spare rubber products for gas stoves and washing machines. Some of the products we often produce in large quantities such as:

Rubber gas stove mat. This rubber product serves to hold the gas stove so that it is not easily displaced and avoid blisters on the base of the gas stove.
Rubber seals for regulators and gas cylinders. This rubber product serves to avoid leakage in the gas cylinder.
Rubber base washing machine that also functions as an absorber of vibrations or vibrations caused by the washing machine at work. In addition, the rubber base of the washing machine also prevents the shifting of the machine from its place, reduces noise and has the function to avoid damage to the structure on the surface of the floor where the washing machine is located.
Bellows valve for connection of the drain hose in the washing machine. This rubber product is installed in the dirty water outlet and then connected to the drain hose. This tool serves to reduce the occurrence of fractures or cracks that occur in the drain hose that may be caused by high vibrations or shocks in the washing machine.
We can design, plan and offer product prices to you in about 6 working days, depending on the level of difficulty of the product you need.

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