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Bintang Mas Jaya Abadi

Bintang Mas Jaya Abadi / BMJA Rubber is a company engaged in the industrial Rubber products / Rubber Engineering. As for our products include: 1. Elastomer Bearing Pad / Rubber Bridge Bearing. There are 2 types that we produce are: plain type (full rubber) and laminate type (with the addition of plate inside) common use in the construction of bridges, flyovers, or highways, also in use as vibration or pound damper on the machine. 2. Rubber Fender / Rubber Fender and Bumper / Stopper Loading warehouse dock, including: - Rubber Fender / Bumper / Stopper type V - Rubber Fender / Bumper / Stopper type D - Rubber Fender type M - Rubber Fender type A - Rubber Fender / Bumper / Box type stopper - Rubber Fender Cylinder type - Rubber Fender Cell type - Square Type Fender Rubber - Rubber Fender type Hollow 3. Frontal Frame PE / Frontal Pad PE Rubber Fender 4. Bollard & Fender Accessory: Angkoll Bolt / Anchor Bolt Galvanized, Bollard type Harbor (Bose Bollard Model), Bitt Bollard (Pawn Model), Tee Bollard and Tee Head Bollard to fasten the rope of the ship at the harbor dock 5. HDPE / Sea Jacket HDPE Splash Guard is a protective and anti-corrosive seawater jacket on a pile at the harbor dock 6. Linning Rubber Tanks / Rubber tank and pipe coatings (HCL and HYPO) are rubber-based coatings used to protect your industrial tanks or pipes from materials such as HCL / HYPO chemical or salt water 7. Rubber Mounting, Rubber Pangkon, Expantion joint, Rubber Roll / Rubber Roll, Rubber Hose, Rubber Ball Mill (SCEGA), Rubber Stopper / Rubber Stopper Door Seal, Seal, Diaphragm Membrane, Rubber Coupling, 8. You also accept orders of rubber compound according to order such as: NR / Natural Rubber, NBR / Synthetic, Rubber resistant HCL and Hypo.Our products are spread all over Indonesia and we already have more than 10 years penglaman. Immediately trust your Rubber needs to BINTANG MAS JAYA ABADI.If Mr. / Mrs needs more information please contact us at the number Phone: +628123507995 / +6285100997995 WhatsApp +628123507995Thank you...


Keputran 60-62 Surabaya
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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